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Studies on the teaching and learning of languages at mexican universities / Hernández Alvarado Martha Guadalupe


Research in English Language Teaching in Mexico has recently increased due to the new demanads imposed by international agencies for researchers to publish. As a result, networks and collaboration among institutions have been established to respond to the problems and needs faced by the programs in ELT in Mexico. The present collection of papers represents a sample of current research in language teacher education. The first Chapter Dimensiones afectivas en la construcción de la entidad del profesor de inglés investigates the affective and dimensions and the construction of identity of three language teachers in Central Mexico. The Chapter Sharing experiences in ELT: Reflection for Professional Development describes the profesional experiences of to leacher educators throughout their careers. Both professionals emphasize the importance of relection to redeline their beliefs and roles as ELT practioners and teacher educators for profesional development and life-long learning purposes. The Chapter Discrimination in TESOL: An Array and effects of Discriminatory Acts in Mexican Contexts adopts a qualitative approach to investigate the level of discrimination that non-native English teachers in Mexico have experienced. Findings suggest that high number (76.74%) of particpants have experienced some kind of discrimination which might affect teachers' identity, emotions, and decision-making the postively or negathely. The Chapler Are you a good English teacher? Revealing what students really think explores some roles teachers undertake based on the students´ own perception and beliefs about what a good English teacher is. Among the major findings students value their teachers commend of the language, vocation as well as personal attributes such as respect and patience. The Chapter Perspectives of Academic Achievement in a Mexican University, the Case of Stakeholders in the BA in English of the University of Veracruz adopts a mixed method approach and focuses on the aspects that cause drop out, falling, lagging and poor academic achievement in learners, which at the end. affect graduation rates. External, socioeconomic and personal factors as well asthe lack of good study habits, among others are the most influential factors that affect learners' academic achievement. Finally, the Chapter Interplay between task design characteristics and complexity, accuracy and fluency during pair interactions reports a study which focuses on the elects of personal information, narrative and negotiation tanks on learnes complexity, accuracy and fuluency (CAF) during un controlled pair interactions. Findings reveal that CAF dimensions cannot be promoted simultaneously during the performance of the tree tasks and indicate that learners' decisión-making during their performance affects their oral construction in diferents ways due to the nature of the uncontrolled interactions. We hope this book Will contribute to the field and improve the quality of teacher education programs in Mexico in order to prepare better ELT professionals for the future. The studies may inform teachers and researchers not only to reflect on and possibly improve their peactice but also identify areas of study and future research in their own contexts.

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