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¿What is Winkel?
Winkel is a technological platform that allows authors, publishers and institutions to create digital bookstores for their communities. In addition, Winkel is an e-book marketplace in the that anyone can buy or download books whose format is open access and read it on their reader of books.
¿How can my clients pay?
Winkel is a platform that allows the integration of various forms of payment so that its customers they can use their Paypal account or their card to buy.
Are my digital products safe if I create a digital library?
Your electronic resources are safe with us, we have strict security so that your Customers only get your digital products only if they have paid for them. In addition, the resources are protected to avoid piracy or illegal use of its resources.
¿How safe is Winkel?
The payment is safe. We do not store card details: all payments are managed through the financial institutions.
How do I search for products on Winkel.la?
You can use our search engine:
Enter the title, author or ISBN of the article you are looking for, and find it in the results that are displayed.
Explore our catalogs with the theme menu that you will find on the home page, where you can find list of books according to their categories.
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¿How to access Winkel?
¿How to use the Winkel reader?
¿How to create an account on Winkel?
¿How to download Open Access content?
How to access Winkel?
How to use the Winkel reader?
¿How to create an account on Winkel?
How to download Open Access content?
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